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Won’t be a pumpkin tonight.

Just because it made me smile
Just because it made me smile

Ughhhh Friday night and home before midnight. Blech! Some dates just need to be ended early. I just spent 4 of the most boring hours ever. Hot yes…. but IQ does count. Sighhhh! I just can’t do the whole metrosexual thing. I like them scruffy and tougher than me. What’s a girl to do?
Anyways, been a long week. Just as happy to be home and relaxing. Had a minor car accident. Was pretty funny actually ( of course no one was hurt), guy was all up and yelling in my face until I got out of the car and he realized he only barely reached over my navel. Oopsies. Temper temper. His face was priceless, it literally went from all red faced rage to looking like a fish out of water. I know I’m supposed to just guess you’re going to dead stop in the middle of the road for no apparent reason. So sorry. Was in keeping with the week’s daily theme.

Off to go read now…. new Anita Blake novel.. Bullet. I can use a good book fix. Oh and I’ve decided Peter Steele is the finest looking man God ever made. How I missed that for 20 years is beyond my comprehension. Guess some stars just burn to bright.