Back at One

So the past two weeks have been quite an experience. Not one I care to repeat but definitely an opportunity to learn a lot about myself and my life. Although I am pretty open on my blog on the rare occasions that I write anything I’m probably going to skip all the gory details as they involve my health and I don’t think I am ready to go there. Suffice to say it was the scariest time in my life to date. I’ll have some stuff to deal with for the next few months but when weighed against possible outcomes it’s all good. I skated and I know it.

Right now my eyes are wide open in a way that they haven’t been since the dreams and ideals of being to young to know better.  I’ve pretty much been wasting time and that is no one’s fault but my own. I’ve taken life’s hurts and used them as an excuse to hide in solitude. Stopped putting myself out there for no other reason than fear. Sure it’s been easier but it’s also been boring and lonely and totally unrewarding.

Time to change that tune. In case I’m overcome with idiocy again I’ll leave this note to remind me.