Open your eyes

It always amazes me when I hear or see women refer to other women as prostitutes not because they are selling sex but because they are having it. What does a biological urge have to do with morals, good or bad? If you pee are you a sinner? Gentlemen prefer a lady…. uhuh. Is that conditioning or the truth? So based on that assumption…if a woman is kind, honest, caring, and hardworking but has had sex without being married and with more than one person a gentleman would prefer a woman woman who is mean, without honor, selfish but a virgin? Yeah I don’t think so. If  a man did prefer that I say thanks for not choosing me. A true gentleman doesn’t judge others.

What is it about sex that some women find so wrong, dirty and shameful? If that’s the way they feel why are these same women all about preaching save it for the one you marry? Presumably you should love the one you marry. So let’s wait for them to do this wrong and dirty thing with? Suffer together?

I’m not saying it’s wrong to wait until you are married. A person should wait until it is right for them. It should be something you feel good about and don’t tarnish with regret and guilt. If you are someone who feels that sex is a beautiful thing that you are abstaining from until you can share it with your one true love? More power to you, that does not put you in the “group” of women I am referring to. I’m speaking strictly about women who trash other women as being something less for no other reason then they choose to have sex when and with whom they want. That statement doesn’t mean support of any other circumstances. If the man is married yes, I think it’s wrong. Why? Because you are hurting someone else to do what you want. Are you doing it to manipulate someone into doing something you want? Yep I think that’s wrong to, same as if you told lies to manipulate someone.

It’s the most intimate thing you can do with another person is a reason I have heard often for justifying the moral judgement. I guess if you believe that, for you it’s true. Personally I think sharing who I am and my deepest thoughts, fears and hopes with someone is way more intimate than something I was designed to do since birth. My other favorite justification is men need to know that their you’re only one. Really? A woman wouldn’t like to know that too? “He’ll always be wondering how he compares.”  Ummm, gee I’m female I’ve never wondered how I compare. “It’s different for men.” How so?  If a woman can say to me she 100% expects a man to be a virgin too. No argument from me, I respect that conviction. But buying into some BS double standard. Hell no!

An acquaintance of mine once loudly declared another friend of mine a whore. So I asked her “Why? Because she slept with someone to hurt you or the guy you wanted to bag chose her over you?” She had no response to give.

When humans came to be, before there was marriage or religion, was sex a sin? Did they get a free pass on hell because it wasn’t a “rule” yet?  Was the free pass only revoked for women? Double sentence if they have red hair?? I guess the heart of the matter is it really pisses me off when I hear a woman demean another based on “rules” made up over the centuries by …. men. There was a time a rule existed that we were too stupid to vote too. Sheep.







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Why is it men think I need/want their credit card? Seriously, the amount of guys I have been out on a first or second date with who have whipped out their Amex gold or platinum card and offered it to me is ridiculous! Number one… I have my own thanks. Number two…I find it very insulting that you assume I can be bought. Number three… you have my sympathies if that’s the path you’ve had to travel to get a chick to be into you.

Are people really that materialistic? Am I just that odd? Yes I like the finer things in life. I do spoil myself. I’m single and I can so why not. That being said I don’t need or want anyone else to buy things for me. I don’t find it sweet, endearing or anything good. Want to impress me? Do something for me that’s meaningful, like show up with some Dunkin Donuts coffee made the way I like it. That means something was remembered. Let me steal the hoodie that’s too big for me and is of your favorite team. Yeah I know it’s your favorite but I like to snuggle in it because it’s yours.

You know what I notice on first dates… did you open the door for me? Did you get your car cleaned? Those things are sweet not an attempt to buy me.

I guess it’s something I’ll never understand. It’s one thing to share what you have it’s another thing to assume someone has no class. Blah!