Fun To Be A Girl

FunToBeAGirl.comWow, I finally did something with . Took me long enough. I was looking up domain names for some other project quite a long time ago and ran across it as available. Rather surprised it wasn’t taken so I purchased it with the intention of using it just never really got around to it. The most successful blogs are those that stick to what you know and I certainly have this topic down. I cheated and used a theme layout created by someone else because I really like the way he created the post layouts, customized it and voila!.

Now to learn about using various affiliate networks to generate revenue from ad clicks. It’s all in fun and a learning experience so if it doesn’t generate any money that’s cool but I would really like to learn how using blog networks to increase site traffic works. So far I’ve been approved for three affiliate programs and hoping for one or two more. I don’t want to overwhelm anyone with ads and I also won’t post anything I don’t use or like myself.

Thinking the project might be more fun if I enlist (harass) friends in to creating posts too. All of us women have our own tips, tricks, quirks and needs so it would be that much more fun and useful a project if the posts covered a wider range than myself and my own opinions.

Who knows maybe I’m on a roll and will finally add book reviews and suggestions to as I originally intended. Little intimidating to think about considering the amount of books I inhale. There would be quite a bit of work  involved in revisiting some of  my much loved series to be able to effectively post about them. Time will tell.


Working on being a popsicle

So I have spent (wasted) the entire evening being holed up in the AC. I usually love the heat but it sure was making me cranky tonight. For some strange reason I keep hearing a ticking clock the past few days.
I think I may be changing my view on marriage and relationships, I decided to learn to make a budget this week and analyze my spending habits. I am hopeless. I absolutely suck at managing money and truth be told have no desire or drive to educate myself further on finance procedures. Boring! It’s not that I am not capable I am just honest enough to admit I would rather have a root canal than plot out all the proper decisions. If I bit the bullet I could make HIM do it! hehe. I know, I know blasphemy. I am setting women’s lib back to the dark ages. It’s not like I would ever do as I was told or anything it would just be more like having a financial advisor who would do all the planning and fix it when I screwed it up. LOL! There has got to be a better way.
Star on the horizon is that I am on vacation next week. Yeah for me!
Speaking of which I have some calls to make and things to plan so I am signing out.