And now it’s October

So I was reading the Times earlier and a direct quote from a leading fashion designer featured on the European runways….

“Embracing a free spirit, though, this boho muse wouldn’t dream of matching her fingers and toes, Arnold observes. For the pedicure, go with a short shape and fruity, playful shades.”
Ha! Been doing that forever. Woe to all who told me it was a no. hehehe
I seem to have fallen off the posting wagon again. Whoops! Things have just been going really well. Down two pants sizes , two more to go and I am back where I was in my early twenties, yeehaaaa!  It was brought to my attention today that I am 9 months from 40. Accckkk. The period of time it takes for a human being to gestate. That’s just so wrong. I am not ready..nope denial all the way.
Super excited for Halloween. Can’t wait. Costume is so cute!
Okay it’s Friday night so I am out of here.