Two Days to Spare

19159_1350048508546_1151353528_1109410_3391404_nHA! I made it for a monthly post with two whole days to spare before the month of March is over!
I know I really suck at remembering to do this. I’m thinking it works like this…. when life is boring I have plenty of time to write and nothing to write about. When life is full, fun and busy…who cares??

So… writing this while I wolf down some lunch at my desk. Oh wait…I can actually post my yearly pic as I have been meaning to get around to. I’m not that lazy that I can’t just blue tooth it from my phone……

Voila! February 2010. 1 year and 5 months from turning 40. Tick tick waaahhh!
Okay so the update… finally finished my Adobe certification. Very happy about that, besides it was a lot of fun doing it.
Still working on the house. Living and Dining Room are finished. Entrance Hall just needs carpeting, inner upstairs hall would have been done, but I HATE the color. Light mocha my ass, it’s PINK! Bathroom is done with the exception of finding a new recessed cabinet and vanity. Using the old ones until I find something I like or the one I do like comes of backorder. Bedrooms and kitchen are next and then I think I am taking a break for a month or so. Hard living with strangers in your house. Not that they aren’t great guys because they are but I am a solitary creature and there really can be too much of a good thing.
Supposed to go out to dinner tonight but all I feel like doing is going home, grabbing the jammies and curling up with the kitties, some coffee and a good book. I hate rain, two hours is too long much less two days. Makes me sleepy. Better than snow though so I will stop whining.
Day 3 of P90X… God help the world this summer… don’t know why but I’m in the mood to show a little skin again. I bought the hottest Nicole Miller dress and great Kenneth Cole sandals. I’m using them as incentive to keep going when I get to the point that I feel like my lungs are being pulled through my navel. The workout is really hard but you can tell when you’re are doing it that the whole thing really does make sense. I’m pretty sure if I only make it half way I still be really happy with the results. Tomorrow starts theĀ  fruit in the morning, steamed chicken and broccolli for lunch, and grilled steak and salad for dinner everday for the next two months.With all the advances in science you would think someone could come up with a successful pass the fat pill.
Alright time to get back to work I think I have typed enough to suffeciently cover the month of March especially in comparison to the past two months.
See ya in April.