Kerrianne's entry for May 18, 2008

So this is gonna be good… I have decided from this point forward to refer to myself by name instead of use the word I whenever creating an entry in this blog. Why you may ask? Probably to do with ego you’re thinking. Well you’re right. I used to come up in the top three in the search engines and I have been kicked down to page two…GASP! After viewing the marvelous pages of these other Kerriannes, I realized they all refer to themselves by name over and over and over again. They climb while this Kerrianne falls. HAH! Ego plus curiousity will get you ever time and I can admit to having both. I want to be back in the top three…waahh! KERRIANNE KERRIANNE KERRIANNE x3.

Anways before this childish fit of mine began I was reading an article on Yahoo about a new ad campaign to raise awareness about what people are actually supporting when they purchase counterfeit products.This is set to run in popular spots of NYC like Times Square. Having grown up here and of course loving to find a bargain I have certainly purchased a knock-off item or two quite happy and pleased with myself to have gotten over and saved a buck or two. Just reading about the running of this campaign and the why behind it I can honestly say I will never knowingly do so again. It’s purpose is to expose and enlighten all of us  how we are really supporting child labor and sweat shops, drug trafficking, etc., each time we gleefully saunter off with our precious knock off find. It never once occurred to me what I was really supporting. Ewww. Bad Kerrianne. Really I can’t imagine someone saying to me “Here’s a twenty if you abuse this child or illegal immigrant” and in anyway accepting that offer. Would never happen. So apparently the campaign has already made a difference and I have yet to even see it. Not too bad.


Mother's Day -Entry for May 10, 2008

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.

I’ve been listening all week to people going on about having to get a gift, don’t know what to get, this is a pain….

What I would give to be shopping for a gift and picking out flowers.

I miss my mom. I know that I always will.

I still talk to her while I am doing things around the house.

I know she is still with me everytime I walk in the kitchen and see the philodendron clippings she made which almost five years later are still alive. Everytime I water a plant, or make something grow I know she is there.

She always took time to play and teach. Planting pansies in a window box lasted a lifetime.

I am beyond thankful that I got to hug her that morning before I left for work and wasn’t my normal too much in a rush, too impatient to take the last opportunity to do so that I was ever going to have.



Idiot Cell Drivers-Entry for May 6, 2008

I totally understand road rage. For instance, this evening I am driving southbound down the Saw Mill River parkway (for those who don’t know it’s two lanes and narrow) and I am behind some jackass yacking on his cell phone and doing 40mph in the LEFT LANE! Every five seconds he is breaking for no reason. It’s rush hour, traffic finally starts moving and my lovely friend is just sitting…yap yap yap!! Oh wait let me roll at 10mph for the next mile! Lane… what’s a lane? I’m supposed to drive in one lane? Nah… no one is playing a symphony on their car horn because of me. Wish they would stop I can’t hear. Arghhhhhh!  I am not a patient person under the best of circumstances. I swear one day I am going to just get out and shove the cell-phone right up their ass.

I mean really if you can’t talk and drive at the same time…Don’t! I can’t. I’m a total spaz. I start paying attention to the phone and not to driving. Even when I am using hands-free I still don’t pay attention. So guess what? Unless it is an emergency like being well and truly lost with no where to pull over I don’t piss off the rest of the world by driving like an idiot.

Ahhh felt good to get that out. It truly annoys me to no end. It’s like chicks playing with their hair and makeup. I have often been known to assist them by shouting out that it’s not helping so drive. I especially love when it’s people with their children in the car. Aren’t your kids supposed to be beyond precious to you? I don’t even like the little buggers and I would never endanger one by driving like an idiot. Whenever I have had a friend’s kid in my car, it’s like I am taking my road test all over again. Both hands on the wheel, keep to the speed limit, no changing lanes until necessary, and no smoking. Stupid people shouldn’t breed. They don’t deserve to.

Next time the PBA solicits donations I am going to ask if I can promise a dollar for every ticket issued to an idiot jackass who can’t put their phone down long enough to do anything else… wonder f they answer during sex. I bet they do.