Holidays are Like Hangovers-November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving went off without a hitch. Only did a 17lb bird this year so we only had leftover turkey for two days although there seems to be an abundance of yams. My family is just getting smaller and smaller. As long as no one looks at me to procreate it’s all good. Besides I only have about 4 years left on the biological clock anyway. Seems I can ignore that just like my alarm in the morning..hehe.

Now comes all the Christmas stuff. I’ve started my shopping, will probably put up the tree next weekend after I steam clean the carpet. (Never ever buy cream colored carpet… I personally deserve the jackass award for that one.) Wonder if I can hire a painter in the next two weeks to paint my entry way. I am soooo not getting on a ladder on the stairs. Need to start planning the Christmas day menu too. I really miss getting it catered but there just isn’t any place good around here anymore. Ohhhh wait. I am not working this Christmas eve… I have the luxury of time to arrange to pick up food that day. This could be very good. Hmmm. Will have to think on this as it just occurred to me it also leaves me more time for cooking.

I am debating how ashamed of myself I can handle being. My 78 year old aunt offered to press my new curtains for me… I sort of burned a whole in mine last week when I had the bright idea to wash and iron them. I really suck at the whole ironing thing. Tobi steamer here I come. That’s more my speed. Decisions decisions.


John Cusack Day-November 10, 2007

Without any intent on my part it has turned out to be John Cusack Day. First this morning at 5am I couldn’t sleep so I watched 1408 which I have been dying to see. I wasn’t disappointed as I usually am when anything Stephen King is adapted to the screen. The this afternoon I decided to slug out for a little while and flipped on the TV to find High Fidelity just starting. Now here I am in front of the TV again and now it’s the Ice Harvest. I may just make this a marathon and throw in Say Anthing and Grosse Pointe Blank when this is done.

Holidays are quick approaching…Turkey Day is almost here. I had better get with the program and heavy duty clean the house tomorrow to prepare for the holiday guests. I haven’t really gotten into the holidays for the past few years. Understandably so, first my dad dying then my mom. Kind of puts a damper on things. Last year I didn’t even do a tree. Think I am going to go full out again this year and do it right. It will be nice and friends and family enjoy it. All things must come full circle.