Entry for April 30, 2007

Okay so I am going to try really really hard to actually post entries to this blog. Really…I’m committed, I have even moved it to the front page. God this is going to be boring. Hmmm… let’s see…thoughts of the day… Windows Vista sucks! It doesn’t really after you disable all the shitty security settings. I mean if you actually need all those warnings you deserve to have your machine fucked up. If for no other reason you’ll learn not to do it again.

Repainted my nails this evening…did such a nice job yesterday and a got Blanket NAILS!!!!! Arghhhhh. Very irritating. Need to find some cute flats for the summer… no heels for me. I rescheduled my MRI for this Thursday. Hopefully I can find out what is wrong with me… besides the obvious. Ummmm.. smoking way too much again…ooops!  I’m watching this show on the History channel (yes I am a nerd)….it’s called Ciies of the Underworld. Pretty interesting all that lies beneath. All right this qualifies as an entry for the day. Cya.