Entry for January 30, 2007

Awwww! Whata cute widdle bunny wabbit. Not much new here, same old shit. Went to a sex toy party the other night, I really am a pig, nothing phases me and I knew what it was all for and then some. I decided the explicit hardcore intructional videos for kink and oral sex must have been the beginner’s version..

I am tired beyond tired. Saw an old friend today and as seeing old friends sometimes does I now have something on my mind I’d rather not be thinking about. Probably why I am actually writing in this blog.

I came home last night and went on a mission. My house was f’n filthy. Within 45 minutes it was spotless.

Worked late tonight unexpectedly, totally threw off my plans for the evening. Finally got home and had to do a conference call at 8p. Joy!

I really wish I knew what to do about my big life dilemna. I am not used to being a person who doesn’t know what to do or how to change things. If I want something I work for it and get it. This however is not so simple and no I can say exactly what the dilemna is because you never know who reads these things. Let’s just say don’t ever let yourself fall for someone who is never going to fall for you.

Wow I am really depressed, so I am going now.


Entry for January 11, 2007

Today was a definite PBJ day.

What is a PBJ day? Well see it works like this…. when this particular individual is getting very stressed/aggravated…whatever at work.. I ask the deli to send me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on white bread (yes white!)… I can’t be in a bad mood while eating a PBJ…just can’t . Go ahead mock me… I have suggested this to others and it works!

2007 is starting out as a pretty good year. Busy at work doing interesting stuff, my year ended with my sales figures way up, I got a raise, got a bonus…weeeeeeee! I sold a web dev job on the side for a very tidy sum…they are happy with my work and will be keeping me for all the updates. I know my own site should be so much better but who has the time…I can barely write in this blog.

I have some goals this year…want to lose the 2olbs I’ve gained. I can do this. I have decided not to make too big a deal out of it and just roll with the idea. Not going to get upset if I meltdown and swallow the bag of cookies. Just going to make a conscious decision to eat better and get off my ass more. I believe this will work so we’ll see.

I am also going to finally put myself back in the game. The hunt for a mate.. This should be fun. Either I will find someone new or I will finally just flip the fuck out and go after the man I want (but that’s complicated.) At least I have decided to be open to possibilities which I have not been for a very long time.

I am finally going to finish up my home improvement projects, meaning paint and carpet the hallway to my apartment, either repaper, sheetrock or paint the hallway to my bedrooms, and get someone else in to fix my ceiling in the dining room because I AIN’T doing it again! Oh and buy a new couch.

So to anyone who actually reads my rambling BS…Happy New Year! Hope it’s filled with all good things for you!