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I’m back!

Have had a wonderful and totally unproductive weekend so far. Received a big box of books earlier in the week and have done nothing at all but stayed curled up with coffee, kitties and good stories. So far it’s been:

  • A Wild Night – Marjorie M. Liu
  • Eternal Kiss of Darkness – Jeaniene Frost
  • Dark Warrior Untamed – Alexis Morgan

And I’ve found another good series to follow:

  • The Demon in Me – Michelle Rowen

All “fluff”, all enjoyable reads with good stories.

So, I was a little lax about posting anything for the month of July. Let’s see it’s been hot as hell, I believe the hottest July in NYC ever, but I like it. I am now in the 1 year countdown to the much dreaded turning 40 don’t even get me started on that. If I think about it too much I can get a bit crazy. Trying to decide on a new car because my lease is up soon. Planning out the next run of home improvements which will start in about a week.  Working but what else is new. Made a promise to treat myself a little better this upcoming year even if it’s just small things like a mani, pedi and facial once a week. Nothing really major going on just lots of little stuff.

I’m trying to put together a little birthday party for my Aunt, 85th I think? The hard part is coming up with guests. My family has become so small. That’s depressing in it’s own way but not near enough to push me anywhere near adding to it . I’m dying to go see Inception, it’s the first movie I’ve been excited about since Terminator Salvation. Just not enough sci-fi stuff out there right now.

And on that note I must sign off as the price to pay for a lazy Saturday is a very busy Sunday.


Won’t be a pumpkin tonight.

Just because it made me smile
Just because it made me smile

Ughhhh Friday night and home before midnight. Blech! Some dates just need to be ended early. I just spent 4 of the most boring hours ever. Hot yes…. but IQ does count. Sighhhh! I just can’t do the whole metrosexual thing. I like them scruffy and tougher than me. What’s a girl to do?
Anyways, been a long week. Just as happy to be home and relaxing. Had a minor car accident. Was pretty funny actually ( of course no one was hurt), guy was all up and yelling in my face until I got out of the car and he realized he only barely reached over my navel. Oopsies. Temper temper. His face was priceless, it literally went from all red faced rage to looking like a fish out of water. I know I’m supposed to just guess you’re going to dead stop in the middle of the road for no apparent reason. So sorry. Was in keeping with the week’s daily theme.

Off to go read now…. new Anita Blake novel.. Bullet. I can use a good book fix. Oh and I’ve decided Peter Steele is the finest looking man God ever made. How I missed that for 20 years is beyond my comprehension. Guess some stars just burn to bright.


Car Hunting Time

It’s that time again. I must mull over all the facts and then go and buy what appeals most to the eye. Kidding. I actually care about what I am driving. I’ve had the Envoy Denali for the past 3 years and have been pretty happy with it. Was going to buy out the lease at the end but now that it has gotten smacked up I think I’m going to have to let it go. Winter ice sucks! I needed less than 2 inches and I would have saved my baby. I know I’m supposed  to be glad no one was hurt and all that stuff but now she’s damaged…sighh.

2008_gmc_yukon_20126302-ESo I am looking at and leaning towards the Yukon Denali… I’ve driven the Yukon and it was so-so. If the Denali model handles more like what I have now than it’s a top runner as I get to keep my loyalty money. Just don’t know that I want anything that big. Might lead to many fun and joyful mornings when people park on top of my driveway. The Acadia Denali is actually closer to what I want except I HATE the sideview mirrors. Look like f’n yoda ears. Blech! Than there is the Land Rover LR3 . It’s been growing on me, in silver none the less. It’s weird there is nothing out there at the moment that I like enough to actually spend the money on. Well, there are cars but as long as I work for my company I will be owning a 4-wheel drive with weight behind it.

Car buying= way too much commitment for me…hehe. Plan on going to the dealers on Saturday we’ll see what the deals are and all that.

Okay this is not helping my boredom. Think I will go read… flavor of the day is Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison. Book 8 in the series and worth reading each one.