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I’m back!

Have had a wonderful and totally unproductive weekend so far. Received a big box of books earlier in the week and have done nothing at all but stayed curled up with coffee, kitties and good stories. So far it’s been:

  • A Wild Night – Marjorie M. Liu
  • Eternal Kiss of Darkness – Jeaniene Frost
  • Dark Warrior Untamed – Alexis Morgan

And I’ve found another good series to follow:

  • The Demon in Me – Michelle Rowen

All “fluff”, all enjoyable reads with good stories.

So, I was a little lax about posting anything for the month of July. Let’s see it’s been hot as hell, I believe the hottest July in NYC ever, but I like it. I am now in the 1 year countdown to the much dreaded turning 40 don’t even get me started on that. If I think about it too much I can get a bit crazy. Trying to decide on a new car because my lease is up soon. Planning out the next run of home improvements which will start in about a week.  Working but what else is new. Made a promise to treat myself a little better this upcoming year even if it’s just small things like a mani, pedi and facial once a week. Nothing really major going on just lots of little stuff.

I’m trying to put together a little birthday party for my Aunt, 85th I think? The hard part is coming up with guests. My family has become so small. That’s depressing in it’s own way but not near enough to push me anywhere near adding to it . I’m dying to go see Inception, it’s the first movie I’ve been excited about since Terminator Salvation. Just not enough sci-fi stuff out there right now.

And on that note I must sign off as the price to pay for a lazy Saturday is a very busy Sunday.


Think I have the plague

It’s not bad enough that I don’t have a three-day weekend for the holiday I caught the friggin plague from Ry. I am miserable and cranky. (And ever so grateful to whomever came up with the idea for Puffs Plus with lotion.) I tried to venture out earlier but even going to the supermarket wore me out.
So during my wonderfully exciting weekend I have managed to catch two really good movies. Yesterday I finally got around to watching Hot Tub Time Machine. Loved it! Especially the soundtrack. I have to remember to add it to my Amazon wish list. Now the only John Cusack movie I haven’t seen yet is 2012. For some reason I am just never in the mood to watch it.
Today I watched Surrogates with Bruce Willis. My nerdy self of course loved this sci-fi flick. It’s a scary thought considering how much people get addicted to being on-line and replacing real life with their “Second” life. Watched that using the new Netflix membership. Yes indeed I am really bored.
I did just make a jackpot find of a whole box of unread books. I received them right before Christmas and for the life of me couldn’t remember what I did with the box. I eventually began to think I was mistaken and wasn’t missing anything. The box went under my bed and I of course NEVER venture under there unless searching for a missing kitty. And now I am going to go pick one to read. Happy 4th!


Feeling A Little Proud of Myself….

screenshotSo I’ve finally finished my new theme for WordPress…. I think. Everything is working now so technically it’s finished but we’ll see I’m still going back and forth on a few elements. Maybe I’ll get extra industrious and recreate my old web pages in the new theme but maybe not. 🙂  Sky looks like it’s getting reading to let lose a downpour so will see. Finished the newest Anita Blake book Bullet yesterday… it was good. Better than the last, more like the originals as far as pace and holding my attention. Thumbs up!