Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble

Happy New Year!

Leaving my 2017 horoscope here to look back on at the end of the year.


Jun 22 – Jul 22


Intuitive you knows where you belong and feel safe, and in 2017 you create your ideal home. Whether it’s a return to old roots, or simply redecorating where you have resided for years, it’s what will keep you healthiest and at your most productive this year. Working at home brings you your greatest success, as does healing family patterns which you fear may have passed into the present generation. You are the true healer of your family line.

Until October 10, 2017, opportunities present themselves effortlessly in terms of property, whether it’s the perfect designer appearing, or the offer to buy at an incredible price. Take advantage of these blessings because lucky Jupiter will not bring them round again until 2028 – that’s in twelve years. How old will you be then?

Work is also extremely successful for you this year, with karmic Saturn urging you to learn more professionally. You excel by challenging yourself, pushing yourself further than you thought possible, evolving into an expert in your field.

Finally, love, which causes you a dilemma mid-year. A part of you has been restless, and yet of course it’s difficult for you to let go of what you know. Here is where you need to be most courageous, dear Cancer, and give yourself what you deserve. The system you have created has outgrown itself, and is ready to reshape itself into something new. Allow this to happen, and you experience great happiness.



No no no denial!


It’s my 45th birthday. All I can think is “OMG five years from 50!!” Vomit. I know I am nuts but it can’t be helped. Getting older scares the hell out of me. It’s like you know the best party ever  is halfway over.  Time is running out quick party harder!

Got to leave a pic for my pet project.



Adios 2014









What I’ve learned in 2014

Being true to yourself is always the best course of action

Fear is never going to get the better of this girl.

Unexpected people will surprise you with their friendship.

Unexpected people will hurt you deeper than you ever imagined.

Never change yourself based on another’s opinion. That road leads to nowhere but misery.

Surround yourself with others who also think age has nothing to do with having fun. (Those other people just suck the color right out of a day.)

God made me with a big heart and sometimes it takes stupid to new levels. He also made me tough enough to deal with it. That’s all ok.

I can and will defy the odds because that’s what I do.

The universe will remind you that we can all plan whatever we want, life is going to happen.

Sweetness and light gets boring.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year! May your dreams come true, may you be happy with what you have, when sadness comes may it not last long and may you know love and joy in 2015!


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